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  • Troubleshooting a Noisy Furnace
    Troubleshooting a Noisy Furnace

    Furnace Noises and What They Mean Loud furnaces are not only irritating, that noise could be an indication that there is a problem. Different noises can point to different problems with the heating ...

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  • How to Stay Cool if the AC Breaks
    How to Stay Cool if the AC Breaks

    The temperatures are jumping into the 90s this weekend in Boise, making air conditioning a lifesaver for many people. However, if the AC gives out in this heat, it’s best to know how to stay cool ...

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  • Keep Cooling Simple: Tips for Lowering Your Summer Energy Bill
    Keep Cooling Simple: Tips for Lowering Your Summer Energy Bill

    Don’t waste energy and money when keeping the house cool this summer. Throw out some of those old misconceptions about air conditioning and the energy bill could be a little lower than last summer! ...

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  • 7 Energy Myths Debunked
    7 Energy Myths Debunked

    Saving money and energy is on everyone’s minds these days, but there are a lot of ideas about energy efficiency floating around that might not necessarily be true. 1. Keeping the lights on uses less ...

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  • November 9th, 2017 Newsletter
    November 9th, 2017 Newsletter

    When Is It Time to Replace the Gas Furnace? Once the furnace has reached the end of its life, it should be replaced. However, it can be hard to tell if the furnace just needs some repairs or a ...

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  • October 11, 2017 Newsletter
    October 11, 2017 Newsletter

    Seal Air Leaks for Energy Efficiency To save money on the energy bill while staying cozy this fall and winter, take time to seal up any air leaks in the home. Cracks and openings around windows or ...

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