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If you or someone in your home or office has asthma or suffers from allergy symptoms, poor air quality can trigger a variety of respiratory issues. Fortunately, an adequate air filtration system can help avoid such negative health effects.

Our Boise indoor air quality technicians at Diamond Heating & Cooling are prepared to help customers obtain a comfortable and safe indoor environment. Installing air purifiers can be an inexpensive way to filter our particles that may cause health concerns.

How Mold Affects Indoor Air Quality

Many factors affect indoor air quality. One of the worst is mold and mold spores. Different types of mold are present at all times, but generally in low levels. They don’t become a problem until their presence increases. People with allergies, asthma, and suppressed immune systems are at a greater risk of being affected by mold and mold spores.

Some types of mold don’t have any effect on people because they don’t produce mycotoxins. These compounds are toxic to other organisms. It is believed molds produce mycotoxins as a protection against competing organisms.

About 400 mycotoxins have been identified by scientists, and some of them are extremely hazardous to humans. When people come into contact with mold that produces mycotoxins, they can exhibit a range of symptoms such as:

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Skin rashes
  • Lesions
  • Bleeding
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Depression
  • Long-term nerve and organ problems
  • Altered immunity
  • Cancer

People have villainized “Black Mold” to be the culprit of many health issues, but it isn’t strictly the species of mold that has an impact on what type of mycotoxin will be produced. The growing conditions, and nutrients also have a say in what type of mycotoxins the mold will produce.

The severity of symptoms and health issues cause by a certain mold depend on the type of mycotoxin it is releasing. At least 400 different types exist, and some have a lower effect on people than others. Some mold might only cause mild allergy symptoms while others can be quite severe.

Since it can be difficult to determine the type of mold without having it identified in a lab, homeowners who discover mold in their home should take steps to get rid of it, whether it is harmful or not. The longer it is present, the more mold spores are allowed to drift into the air, affecting the indoor air quality.

Use the AirRanger!

Allergies and asthma are prevalent in the Treasure Valley. We have found a product that we truly believe in. It is the AirRanger, by Nature’s Home. This air cleaner can easily be adapted to any furnace that already has a spot for a 1″ (or larger) filter.

The AirRanger Air Cleaner is not just a filter, it’s an electronic polarized media air cleaner. This technology filters out sub-micronic allergens, dust, and dirt as small as .3 microns. Ninety-eight percent of airborne particles are invisible and below one micron in size. Store-bought filters have no capability for collecting these smaller particles. Includes one year’s supply of replacement media.

Ready to Help You Prevent Heath Concerns with Efficient Filters

It is important to get experienced and professional help to install or repair air filtration or air purification systems and our Boise heating and cooling team can handle the job. The high-efficiency filters we provide to our customers can significantly reduce irritants such as mold spores, bacteria, and pollen.

Call Diamond Heating & Cooling at (208) 273-9193 to speak with our friendly staff. Also ask about our germicidal UV light services for improved air quality!


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