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Keep Cooling Simple: Tips for Lowering Your Summer Energy Bill


Don’t waste energy and money when keeping the house cool this summer. Throw out some of those old misconceptions about air conditioning and the energy bill could be a little lower than last summer!

Here are some simple AC tips to lower your summer energy bill:

  • Instead of cranking the thermostat to Arctic temperatures to cool down a hot house fast, just set it at the desired temperature. Setting it lower won’t get rid of the heat any faster and is likely to end up wasting energy. Also, turning the air conditioning off when you’re not home probably won’t help much either. It just makes the AC work extra hard to bring down the temperature when homeowners do return home. The best way to combat this issue is with a programmable thermostat.
  • Some people think closing the vent in other rooms will just cool a single room, however these systems are designed to distribute air throughout the entire house. Closing a vent will just keep the cold air inside the duct and start to cause damage.
  • The best way to keep your cooling system running efficiently is be having regular AC maintenance. This can help keep the system running great and lower the energy bill. Ask Diamond Heating and Cooling about their maintenance plans.

Silver Club Membership

While everyone is trying different tricks trying to keep their cooling costs down, one thing they might not think of is how much they’re paying for AC maintenance. Proper maintenance also helps keep things running smoothly, helping to lower those summer energy bills.

The Perks of Silver Club Membership

Diamond Heating and Cooling offers a Silver Club Membership as a cooling maintenance plan that can help homeowners save. The plan is just $11.95 per month and Silver Club Members get 20 percent off repairs.

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When you sign up, Diamond Heating and Cooling will come out twice a year to perform a maintenance check on the HVAC system. All systems qualify for their membership and everyone can start saving on maintenance.

Along with free twice-annually maintenance for the furnace and AC, members get a free safety check, multiple discounts and more. Only $19.95 for a diagnostic fee! Who wouldn’t want to become a Silver Club Member?

Stop paying hundreds of dollars for each maintenance and repair for your HVAC system. Ask Diamond Heating and Cooling about how to become a Silver Club Member today!

Cool Activities for the Summer Heat

It can be hard to find activities for kids in the sweltering summer heat, but with a twist on some of the classics, they can have fun and stay cool.

Instead of playing Hot Potato, cool off while playing Cool Potato. Fill a water balloon with water and poke a small hole in it with a pin. This will create a slow leak that sprays everyone when it is passed around in the circle. The goal is to pass it before it runs out of water. Don’t be the person with the empty balloon at the end!

Use the rest of the water balloons to play Splat. Fill them up and take them outside to a concrete area like a driveway or patio. Have each person take a turn throwing a balloon as high into the air as they can with the balloon popping on impact. See who can create the biggest splatter!

Want to play Marco Polo, but don’t have a pool? Use a water gun in the backyard. The searcher has the water gun and attempts to spray everyone yelling “Polo” when they yell “Marco”. When they hit someone with the water, they get to switch roles.

Summer heat doesn’t mean everyone has to hide indoors to stay cool. Grab the water hose, add some creativity and have some fun!