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March 5th, 2017 Newsletter


3 Spring Maintenance Tips to Save Energy

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Flowers start blooming, birds are chirping, and people begin spring cleaning. It can also be a time to upgrade the house and get equipment serviced so systems like the heating and cooling system can run in top shape.

Summer can be a big drain on energy, leading to higher bills. But there are three things homeowners can do during spring to help their system run better, lowering its energy usage during the summer months.

1. AC Tune-Up

Just like the car, the AC needs to be regularly serviced. However, it isn’t every 3 months or 3,000 miles, it’s just once a year. During an AC tune-up, Diamond Heating and Cooling will inspect the unit and fix any issues that might have developed over the winter months. This includes looking at the coil cleanliness, checking on the refrigerant, and more. An inspection and cleaning will help the AC run at peak performance and be as energy efficient as possible.

2. Check the Air Filter

During the AC inspection, Diamond will examine the air filter. Homeowners who have a Silver Club Membership will even get a new one for free. However, the filter still needs to be checked before and after an AC tune-up. It can get dirty quite fast during the warmer months and might need changed more frequently. It can also be a good idea to stock up on air filters so they’re on-hand when needed.

3. Seal Leaks

No matter the temperature outside, air leaks waste energy and money. Inspect the seals around doors and windows this spring for any leaks. When cold air leaks outside during summer, the air conditioner has to work even harder to cool the house down, which increases energy usage and bills. Fixing leaks now can prevent larger energy costs this summer.

Let Diamond Heating and Cooling help get the house ready for spring with an AC tune-up and filter replacement. Also, check out the Silver Club Membership to start saving on HVAC maintenance and repairs.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

Looking to maintain a more optimal temperature in your home? Diamond Heating and Cooling can help by installing a new heat pump. It works with an existing heating or cooling system, making it more efficient.

A heat pump is a mechanical-compression cycle refrigeration system that can be reversed to either heat or cool a controlled space. This means it extracts heat from outside forces and pumps it indoors, and can be reversed to act as an air conditioner by extracting the heat from inside the home and expelling it outside.

The biggest benefit of installing a heat pump is that instead of generating heat or cold air, it simply moves the heat, which uses less energy. This means it can cost as little as one quarter of the cost of operating conventional heating or cooling appliances.

Since Boise is not in a moderate climate area, meaning it experiences much more extreme temperatures, a heat pump will not be as beneficial on its own though. It will likely need the help of a traditional HVAC system.

When used in conjunction with the heating and cooling system, less energy will be needed, lowering energy bills while still maintaining an optimal indoor temperature for year-round comfort.

Talk to the experts at Diamond Heating and Cooling to see if a heat pump could be the solution for less energy usage and more comfort this year. They are also available for heat pump repairs if yours isn’t working properly.

Spring Thermostat Settings

Idaho is known for constantly changing weather during spring. Residents can wake up to snow in the morning and be enjoying beautiful sunshine in the afternoon. This makes it difficult to set the thermostat at a setting that will save the most money.

Most people still want the heat of the furnace while the weather is hovering around 50 or 60 degrees. For those that do, keep the thermostat set at 68 degrees or lower while home during the colder days. While away or asleep, lower it by about 10 degrees so it kicks on less.

As long as the outside temperature is above freezing, homeowners can feel safe significantly lowering the thermostat. By now, most of Boise and the Treasure Valley is experiencing temperatures that barely dip below 32 at night, so frozen pipes shouldn’t be too much of a concern when adjusting the furnace settings.

There is no set date or temperature for when to turn off the furnace and start using the air conditioner. It all depends on each household’s perception of warm and cold weather. The great thing about spring is with more moderate highs and lows, it will be easier to keep the house at an optimal temperature.

Once homeowners feel comfortable turning on the air conditioner in the warmer spring weather, keeping it at 78 degrees or higher will help keep the energy bill lower through spring until Idaho hits that hot, dry summer heat.

Make sure your HVAC system is ready for spring and the changing temperatures with the help of the HVAC professionals at Diamond Heating and Cooling. Call and experience the Diamond difference.

March Diamond Hugs

For the months of March and April our Diamond Hugs Program will be volunteering at the Boise Rescue Mission. Check our Facebook page for more information about this as the month progresses.

Baby Shower

We recently had a baby shower for our book keeper. Her baby girl is due this month and we are so excited for her!