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The Importance of a Good Furnace Filter


When Was the Last Time You Changed Your Furnace Filter?

While the crew at Diamond Heating and Cooling takes care of many furnace components during annual maintenance, there is one thing homeowners should focus on themselves all year round: the filter. Having a good, clean, functional furnace filter is very important for an efficient furnace.

Everyone knows the furnace filter is important, but they might not know exactly why. Its importance comes from the fact that it removes particles from the air in an effort to protect the furnace from built-up debris, and also aids in cleaning the indoor air as a result. If the furnace filter is dirty, or the wrong type for that system, it can have a negative impact on the furnace and energy usage in the home. A dirty filter is the most common reason for furnace malfunctions and breakdowns, and is also the easiest thing for homeowners to fix.

How to Choose the Right Furnace Filter

When finding the perfect filter for a system, homeowners will need to check the MERV rating and how it will work with that specific HVAC system. A filter that has too low of a MERV rating won’t filter debris as well, and a filter that has too high of a MERV rating could impede airflow, causing issues.

A furnace filter might seem like a small piece of the HVAC puzzle, but it is arguably the most important piece in that puzzle. Without that piece fitting properly, the whole system can be compromised, causing heating and energy efficiency issues. Be sure to change the filter every 3 months minimum, and even more often during extreme temperatures.

Homeowners with questions about furnace filters, changing them, or which type is best, can contact Diamond Heating and Cooling for help. The HVAC experts can guide homeowners to choose the best one and offer tips on remembering to change it regularly.

Should I Replace or Repair My Furnace?

Furnaces are an investment, and with proper care they should last for many years. The average lifespan of today’s furnaces is between 16-20 years. However, many circumstances can cause them to breakdown or need repairs. In some of these situations, homeowners must choose between repairing the furnace, or completely replacing it.

There are a few factors to look at when deciding:

  1. Age of Furnace. As stated previously, a well-maintained furnace can last up to two decades. Once it reaches 15 years of age, it will probably make more sense to replace the furnace with a newer model when it starts having large issues. In some cases, well-maintained furnaces can last even longer than 20 years, and just need a simple repair to keep working.
  2. Cost. Once the cost of the repairs starts adding up, the cost of a new furnace might be lower. This is especially true if the furnace needs to be repaired more and more often. However, if the repairs are minor, and it has a long life ahead of it, repairing the furnace is an easy solution.
  3. Efficiency. Has the energy efficiency of the furnace been decreasing over the years? Are the energy bills going up? These might be signs that the furnace is on a downward slide. Sometimes maintenance and a better furnace filter can help increase energy efficiency again. If that doesn’t solve the problem, consider upgrading the furnace to increase energy efficiency once again.

Determining whether a furnace needs repaired or replaced isn’t something homeowners should do alone. An inspection and examination by the HVAC experts at Diamond Heating and Cooling can guide homeowners in making this tough decision.

No matter which decision is made, Diamond Heating and Cooling can perform the repair, or install the new furnace. Call us today at (208) 273-9193 to request service.