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Preventing Furnace Break Downs

Diamond Heating & Cooling

According to the groundhog, there will be six more weeks of winter. Homeowners might need to make an emergency call to Diamond Heating and Cooling if their furnace breaks down. However, some prevention can keep the house toasty warm instead.

If homeowners hear odd noises or notice the furnace running frequently and still not reaching the desired temperature, it is best to contact the professionals. These are warning signs of an impending problem.

Why Isn't My Furnace Working?

Your furnace might not be working optimally for one of the following reasons:

  • Blockage of cold air return vents
  • Drafty windows & doors
  • Clogged furnace filter

One common problem is the blockage of cold air return vents. Vacuuming and clearing the area around air vents can help prevent them from becoming blocked. Homes with pets should be more diligent about this because pet hair can have more of an impact on the ventilation system. Keeping furniture from covering the vents is also important. Blockage by snow or debris can cause a furnace to run poorly too and can even cause safety issues.

Sometimes the furnace is running more often because of drafty windows and doors. Re-caulking windows and replacing seals when they become old and damaged can really help cut back on wasted energy.

Of course, changing the furnace filter every three months is always recommended. A clogged furnace filter is similar to breathing through a straw, way too much effort for not much reward. This easy task can also help elongate the life of the furnace.

Call Today for Furnace Maintenance or Repair!

Diamond Heating and Cooling can help make sure the furnace is running properly with maintenance and inspections. If the furnace is acting up though, contact us day or night. We have emergency furnace repair services just in case the furnace does decide to give out in these least weeks of winter.

Give us a call today at (208) 273-9193 or fill out our online contact form.