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February 3, 2016 Newsletter


Troubleshooting the Thermostat

Thermostats control the temperature of the home. However, if the thermostat is working correctly, the heating and cooling system won’t run properly, leaving the house too warm or too cold. This malfunction can cause homeowners to think their entire HVAC system is broken. Before jumping to conclusions, go through this checklist to see if the thermostat is broken:

  • First, check the display to see if it is lit up. If not, try replacing the battery.
  • Depending on the temperature and season, set the thermostat five degrees high or lower than the normal setting. See if furnace or AC comes on like it should.
  • Next, check to see if the thermostat is set to cool or heat. It might have accidentally gotten set on the wrong one. Also check the circuit breaker to make sure it didn’t get tripped.
  • Turn the thermostat off at the breaker. Then remove the cover and check the wiring for any loose wires. Then, replace the cover and flip the breaker back on.

If the system doesn’t come back on after trying the above steps, call a professional HVAC contractor. The thermostat is likely in need of repair or replacement. Or for homeowners who don’t want to mess around with their thermostat wiring, go ahead and call Diamond Heating and Cooling. They can determine whether the thermostat is broken, or if the culprit is the HVAC system.

Choosing an HVAC System

For those who aren’t experts on HVAC systems, picking out a new one can be a difficult process. It’s an important decision on an expensive piece of equipment that has a huge impact on the comfort of the home and future energy bills. To make the decision a little easier, here are some tips on finding the right HVAC system:

  • Do Some Homework

First, homeowners will need to determine the volume of all the spaces the HVAC system needs to reach in the house. This will let them know how powerful the system needs to be. Second, they should determine which energy source is the most economical in their area. Switching energy sources when getting a new HVAC system could potentially save homeowners money on energy bills.

When looking at furnaces, homeowners should know that they come in single-stage, two-stage or modulating styles. Depending on where the thermostat is set, they cycle on and off. The temperature is always wavering between high and low points.

  1. Single-stage: This type of furnace can only be on or off. This results in greater peaks and valleys in temperature, and is the most inefficient of the three.
  2. Two-stage: This one has two settings, high or low. They also have a low-burning setting which keeps the heat from dropping too far below the desired temperature. With the air temperature varying less than the single-stage, they are considered more efficient.
  3. Modulating: This furnace can adjust the flame to any point between high and off. It frequently adjusts the flame to keep the air temperature constant.
  • Stay Within Budget

Sometimes equipment, such as the HVAC system, gives out at an inopportune time. If money is tight, homeowners should stick to the essentials. Consider whether or not optional items like humidification or filtration, will work in the existing budget.

  • Biggest Might Not Be Better

Getting a system that fits the home will be more economical than an oversized system with more power. Too much heating capacity can actually be less efficient, and wear can out faster in some situations.

Diamond Heating and Cooling can help their customers find the perfect HVAC system for their home and their needs. They guarantee the new system will heat the home to the desired temperature, or they will replace the system at no charge.

Characteristics of a Great HVAC Technician

Residents in Boise and the Treasure Valley have dozens of choices when it comes to choosing an HVAC specialist. But what should they look for when hiring one?

  1. Experience: This can be the difference between a job well done and hours of fiddling, just to realize the system still isn’t working right. From senior technicians to lead installers, the Diamond Heating and Cooling team has a wealth of experience that they are handing down to their apprentices. Their customers can be sure they are getting someone with extensive knowledge to repair or install their HVAC system.
  2. Credentials: Make sure the technicians have the proper licensing before hiring them. This ensures both the installer and the homeowners are protected in case there’s an injury or damage sustained on the job.
  3. Versatility: When technicians know how to work with multiple HVAC systems, it can put the homeowner at ease. They tend to have more experience and knowledge when they know their way around different brands and types of heating and cooling systems.
  4. References: As with many service providers, word of mouth is a great indication of their reliability. If they don’t come with good references, they might not be the right person for the job. Ask around to family and friends, check out websites and reviews as well.
  5. Price: Price quotes should be thought of last. Experience and credentials should be higher priorities. Once a homeowner has found a couple companies with experience, they can use price to be a deciding factor.

Learn more about why Boise residents should choose Diamond Heating Cooling by visiting their webpage. Read testimonials and get to know the team.

Valentines for Veterans

Happy Valentine's DayFor February, Diamond’s Hug Program will be presenting Valentines to Veterans. You can bring a smile to a veteran’s face by making or purchasing valentines and dropping them off at our new office, located at 4605 Chinden Blvd. Why not get the whole family involved? The staff at Diamond Heating and Cooling will take care of delivering the valentines to veterans on Valentine’s Day.