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How HVAC Zone Control Systems Save You Money

How HVAC Zone Control Systems Save You Money

Most homes incur their largest energy bills through heating and cooling, thus utilizing the most efficient methods available can be a real cost saver. In many two story homes, it can be difficult to get the upstairs and downstairs to be anywhere close to the same temperature. The best way to achieve maximum efficiency, temperature consistency, and highest cost reduction is through zoned heating and cooling. Essentially zoned temperature control uses multiple thermostats located throughout the home that are wired to a single control panel. That control panel is then tied in to the homes duct-work through the forced-air system. The thermostat will read the temperature in the room and then open or close the appropriate dampers inside the duct-work to adjust the temperature for that area as needed.

The Benefits of Zoned HVAC

  • Zoned heating will save money by reducing the amount of time that the heating and cooling system is running.
    The HVAC system has to run much more continuously to heat an entire house compared with heating just one area. In addition, many homeowners will set the temperature differently in various parts of the house to further reduce costs. If there are rooms that are rarely used, they don’t need to be heated as high, or if you prefer to sleep in a cooler space, that temperature can be lower as well. Another great example is houses that have spaces that are only used certain times of the day. There’s no reason to keep the heat set as high at night in an office that’s only used from 9-5. Many people will set that thermostat to adjust down after a set time and adjust up again in the morning.
  • In addition to the immediate cost savings associated with lower energy bills, there are long term cost savings as well.
    By running the HVAC system less time per day it will often last much longer and thus reduce repair and replacement costs down the road.

Call Diamond Heating & Cooling for Zoned HVAC Services in Boise

Nearly any home can benefit from a zoned heating and cooling system – multi-level homes, homes with heated or cooled garage spaces, homes with sun rooms, homes with rooms that get minimal use, and many other situations. If you don’t have a zoned set-up give Diamond Heating & Cooling a call. A technician can professionally install the thermostats and electronically controlled dampers in your home’s duct-work and get you started saving money right away.