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March 2015 Newsletter

5 Tips to Reduce Allergens in the Home

Allergens create many problems, especially for people with asthma and other lung conditions. They are often present on surfaces and especially in the air throughout the home. Reducing the allergens in the home will help everyone breathe a little easier.

In the dusty Idaho environment, regular cleaning to remove dust and debris off of surfaces is a necessity particularly in the summer but removing them from the air is especially important even in the winter. Did you know there are air filters that can be fitted to the furnace to reduce allergens in the air? Diamond Heating and Cooling can install a Micro Power Guard Air Cleaner and drastically improve the quality of air circulating in the home.

Here are a few other tips to help reduce the number of allergens around the house:

  • Keep the house clean by washing surfaces that allergens cling to. Bedding, and pillows should be washed in hot water or dry cleaned to kill mites and get rid of other debris.
  • Vacuuming at least once a week can get rid of a majority of allergens in the carpet. Use a HEPA filter in the vacuum to eliminate even more particles. HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air and this type of filter traps the small particles that other filters allow to recirculate back into the air.
  • During the summer months, using the air conditioner instead of opening doors and windows can reduce the amount of allergens. It can also reduce dust mites by controlling the humidity.
  • Reducing the moisture in the bathroom and kitchen decreases with chance of mold spores forming.
  • Dehumidifiers can also assist in decreasing the amount of mold and dust mites.

Contact the professionals at Diamond Heating and Cooling to learn more about keeping the air in your home clean.

Meet the Experts

Diamond Heating and Cooling has been in the Treasure Valley area for the past 16 years. Rick and Sue Ellen started the company with the belief that if they treated customers in the way they would want to be treated, the company would thrive. Over a decade later, they have built a solid foundation on honesty and integrity.

With their mission statement in mind, they try their hardest to provide the best heating and cooling services to their customers. Heating and cooling system maintenance plans are available to make their services as affordable as possible while also reducing unexpected outages.  Even with the best maintenance sometimes furnaces still act up. Luckily, Diamond Heating and Cooling is available for emergency furnace services and do not charge after hour fees.

Diamond Heating and Cooling value their customers and prioritize their safety. For more information on their maintenance plans, contact them today.

Preventing Furnace Break Downs

According to the groundhog there will be six more weeks of winter. Homeowners might need to make an emergency call to Diamond Heating and Cooling if their furnace breaks down however, some prevention can keep the house toasty warm instead.

If homeowners hear odd noises or notice the furnace running frequently and still not reaching the desired temperature, it is best to contact the professionals. These are warning signs of an impending problem.

One common problem is the blockage of cold air return vents. Vacuuming and clearing the area around air vents can help prevent them from becoming blocked. Homes with pets should be more diligent about this because pet hair can have more of an impact on the ventilation system. Keeping furniture from covering the vents is also important. Blockage by snow or debris can cause a furnace to run poorly too and can even cause safety issues.

Sometimes the furnace is running more often because of drafty windows and doors. Re-caulking windows and replacing seals when they become old and damaged can really help cut back on wasted energy.

Of course, changing the furnace filter every three months is always recommended. A clogged furnace filter is similar to breathing through a straw, way too much effort for not much reward. This easy task can also help elongate the life of the furnace.

Diamond Heating and Cooling can help make sure the furnace is running properly with maintenance and inspections. If the furnace is acting up though, contact us day or night. We have emergency furnace repair services just in case the furnace does decide to give out in these least weeks of winter.

Energy Myths

Saving money and energy is on everyone’s minds these days, but there are a lot of ideas about energy efficiency floating around that might not necessarily be true.

Keeping the lights on uses less energy than turning them on and off.

This was true for many years when commercial lighting used a certain fluorescent bulb. It took several minutes to warm up, as well as a ton of energy. Leaving them on was easier. However, with today’s technology, it takes less than one second to light up bulbs. Turning off lights as soon as the room is no longer in use cuts down on the electricity bill.

Ceiling fans keep rooms cool.

Fans recirculate air, not actually affecting the temperature. The breeze cools people down by moving air across the skin, but won’t actually lower the temperature of the room. Instead of leaving the fan on all day long, people should only keep it on while they are present in the room.

Radically altering the thermostat will heat or cool things faster.

Turning up the thermostat several degrees to heat up the room faster does not work. It will only cause the furnace to run longer not produce heat faster. Thermostats are designed to turn the furnace off once the room reaches the preset temperature. A better solution is to create a schedule on a programmable thermostat. Opening window treatments to let in sunlight can also help lower the electricity bill during the winter months, just like keeping them closed will help lower it during summer months.

Keeping the computer on wastes less energy.

Much like the new light technology, new advances in computers make it possible to continuously turn them on and off without causing harm and additional energy output. When using a desktop, remember that the monitor uses even more energy than the hard drive, making it equally as imperative to turn off.

Electric space heaters save money

This mostly depends on whether gas or electricity cost more in the area. In most cases, electricity costs much more than gas. Either way, if there are sections of the home that just aren’t staying warm enough, contact Diamond Heating and Cooling. We can investigate the cause and come up with a safe and effective solution.

Windows and doors are the only way air leaks from a building.

Faulty air ducts can play a major part in air leakage too. Air ducts should be regularly inspected to make sure there aren’t any leaks or holes in them. Weather stripping and replacing the caulking around doors and windows can also prevent the release of air.

Decreasing the energy bill means purchasing all new equipment.

Modifying the behaviors of those in the home or building can often significantly reduce the energy bill. Remembering to turn off lights, adjusting the thermostat and unplugging unused devices will downsize the amount of energy used. Routine furnace and AC maintenance can also help by making sure everything is running as efficiently as possible.