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Slow the Spread of Disease with a UV Air Scrubber Lamp

UV Air Purifier

Are you looking for an easy and effective way of slowing the spread of disease in your home? With public health being such a hot-button issue at the moment, no precaution should be overlooked. This is especially true for those who are potentially at risk of complications, including those with respiratory issues, heart disease, or have an otherwise compromised immune system. However, while disinfecting surfaces in your home may help in one way, few people bother to disinfect the air in their home and eliminate the viruses and bacteria in it.

Fortunately, disinfecting your air is easier than you may have ever thought—you can do it just by running the fan in your HVAC system. By installing a high-output UV air scrubber lamp, the air in your home will see a significant improvement in quality, including a sharp reduction in bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that cause all sorts of health problems.

How UV Air Scrubbers Work

An ultraviolet air scrubber is actually remarkably simple: it’s a specialized lamp that is installed in your HVAC return vent and wired into your HVAC system’s power supply. When your blower fan turns on, the lamp does as well, blasting all of the air that passes through your return vent with ultraviolet light. UV light, as it is also called, is extremely harsh, and is impossible for microbes to survive in the long-term. That’s why you don’t see things like mold or mildew growing in direct sunlight.

As the airborne microbes in your system pass by this lamp, the concentrated ultraviolet radiation damages them permanently. In some cases, these microbes are killed almost instantly, rendering them useless. However, in other cases they can have their DNA scrambled. When this happens, they become incapable of reproducing and unable to harm you. When this happens, they eventually die without causing any further problems for you or your loved ones.

Why Choose Our High-Output UV Lamps?

What’s the biggest difference between a Clean Air Defense System UV lamp offered by our team at Diamond Heating & Cooling and any other UV air scrubber lamp? The energy output is the single biggest factor. Clean Air Defense System lamps utilize two UV light-emitting rod bulbs, blasting twice the amount of UV radiation into your return duct as any standard single-bulb lamp. This greatly increases the concentration and actually extends the amount of time each microbe is exposed to UV light for.

Why is this important? Because not all viruses and bacteria are created equal, and some need more time under a UV lamp in order to completely neutralize them. With a brighter bulb and a longer exposure time, the microbes that pass these high-power lamps receive more exposure by the time they manage to completely pass through your system. This means many of the microbes that may not necessarily have been entirely eliminated by a standard bulb are completely neutralized by a high-power lamp.

According to the CDC, a high-output UV lamp can significantly reduce the number of microbe organisms in the air, and this means a greatly reduced spread of illness and disease. Have you ever noticed how it seems like everyone in your home falls ill when one person does? No matter how much you may try to quarantine the sick individual or disinfect everything they touch, the reason the sickness spreads so easily is because of the germs they release into the air. People throughout your home breathe in those germs, ultimately falling sick themselves. However, with a high-output UV lamp, most of these germs are obliterated before they can cause any harm to anyone.

We cannot guarantee that nobody in your home will become infected after installing one of these devices, however, we can guarantee that these lamps do destroy microbial organisms and keep you safer. If you have concerns about your indoor air quality and you want the peace of mind of knowing that your air is safer and friendlier to breathe, we encourage you to contact us and learn more about installing one of our high-output UV air scrubber systems in your home.

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