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March 3, 2016 Newsletter

Cooling Maintenance and Plans

Getting an annual air conditioner checkup can prevent a lot of issues with the HVAC system. During Diamond and Heating’s annual A/C maintenance check, they make sure the cooling system is running properly before the heat of summer hits.

Their A/C maintenance comes in different levels, ranging from Air Conditioner Safety Inspection all the way to System Rejuvenation. During the safety inspection, Diamond Heating and Cooling tests the blower and the capacitor on the furnace, looks at the cleanliness of the coil, drainage condensate, refrigerant charge, amp draw, capacitor of the outdoor unit, and inspects AC lines for restrictions. From there the cleaning and inspections get more intense and cover a larger range of services.

Many homeowners skip annual air conditioner maintenance because of the cost. With a Silver Club Membership through Diamond Heating and Cooling, homeowners can experience great maintenance without breaking the bank.

For just $11.95 per month, Silver Club members get a visit from Diamond Heating and Cooling twice per year to preform maintenance on their HVAC system. That’ not the only perk though, Silver Club members also receive:

  • Guaranteed appointments within 24 hours
  • Free safety check
  • Free Fall maintenance on furnace
  • Free Spring Maintenance on air conditioner
  • Two free 1” standard pleating filters per year
  • 20% discount on all parts and labor
  • $19.95 Diagnostic fee
  • 20% discount on IAQ
  • Blower motor pulled at no charge once every three years of membership

Instead of paying the $79 maintenance fee, join the Silver Club membership and save on maintenance plus a whole lot more with Diamond Heating and Cooling.

Decorating for Easter

It’s time to break out the eggs and chocolate bunnies! Easter is on the way, and now is a perfect time to decorate the home in all pastels. Here are some cute ideas to help everyone decorate for Easter:

  • Easter Picture Display

Have some cute Easter pictures? Create a cute display to share all of the memories. It could be on a side table, mantle, or replace some pictures on the wall. It brings a personal touch to the holiday decorations.

  • Chicks and Eggs

Baby Chicks and colorful eggs are always part of the Easter celebration. Put some colorful plastic eggs around the house, maybe have some with little chicks poking out. These can also make a great mantle piece or table centerpiece.

  • Easter Egg Garland

Get the kids involved with decorating. Have them color or paint cutouts of Easter eggs. Then, string the paper cutouts up along the wall for some color and creativity.

  • Break out the Pastels

Some people prefer a little more toned down decorations. Switch out kitchen towels for lighter pastel colored ones. Find a pastel or Easter-inspired table cloth to use for dinner too. Some homeowners change out their curtains to light colors in the spring and summer, why not use pastels to tie into Easter?

Hope these ideas get everyone in a creative decorating mood. Happy Easter from the team at Diamond Heating and Cooling.

Houseplants that Help Allergies

Spring is on its way, which means allergies aren’t too far behind. For many, certain plants are what cause their allergies. However, there are plants that can actually help those with allergies too. These houseplants collect pollen and pollutants, helping to clean the air inside.

NASA conducted a Clean Air Study to determine which plants would work well in closed environments. Here are the plants the recommend:

  • Mum and peace lilies to remove PCE from the air
  • Golden pothos and philodendron to control formaldehyde
  • Gerbera daisies to control benzene
  • Areca palm to humidify the air
  • Lady palm and bamboo palm as general air cleaners
  • Dracaena to grab allergens from the air and trap them in its leaves.

House plants are known to collect dust when sitting around the house, so they should be diligently cleaned to prevent dust collection. Wipe down the leaves with a damp paper towel once a week or so.

Try out a few of these plants to see if they help relive allergy suffering in the home. Another alternative to suffering through allergy season is investing in a Micro Power Guard Air Cleaner from Diamond Heating and Cooling. This electronic polarized media air cleaner filters out sub-micronic allergens, dust and dirt. Many are seeing the difference this air cleaner brings to the home by experiencing less allergies and asthma attacks.

March and April Diamond Hugs

Diamond Heating and Cooling’s Diamond Hugs Program for the months of March and April is focusing on Royal Family Kids Camp, which is a camp and mentor club for children of abuse, abandonment and neglect. Diamond Heating and Cooling will be accepting donations toward camp scholarships during these two months. They are also going to have a table at the Black & White Ball on April 30th. This event is Royal Family Kids Camp’s main fundraiser. Contact Diamond Heating and Cooling to learn more about donating to this cause.