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August 6th, 2016 Newsletter

Adjusting the AC at Night

With Boise and the Treasure Valley hitting very high temperatures, skyrocketing energy bills can be a concern. One way homeowners consider lowering the electricity bill is by turning off their air conditioner at night when the temperature outside cools down. This may or may not be a good technique. Here’s why:

Air conditioners not only absorb the heat inside the home and cool it down with a chemical coolant, but they also condense the moisture out of the air in the home, lowering the humidity. If the temperature outside is humid, turning off the air conditioning might be the wrong move. If the humidity comes inside, once the air conditioner is turned back on, it will have to work harder to reduce the moisture inside. This won’t help to save energy and money.

If there is little to no humidity in the air and the outside temperature cools the house down to a lower temperature than the air conditioner can, then turning off the air conditioner at night and opening the windows is likely to save the homeowner some money.

Try other tricks to lower energy usage like ceiling fans at night, or turning up the thermostat a few degrees while away from home and at night. If the house is cool enough by the time everyone heads to bed, turn the air conditioner off, but leave the fan on. It will still help to circulate the cold air that is already inside.

If homeowners are concerned that their air conditioner is using more energy than before, contact Diamond Heating and Cooling. The system may be experiencing a problem causing it to run longer or harder and increase the energy bill.

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Their AC

When people look at buying a new house, generally all they consider when it comes to air conditioning is whether or not the house has an AC system. Truthfully, every homeowner should know this information about their air conditioner:


Knowing the age of the air conditioner is important for a few reasons. The most important being when it will be time to replace or repair the AC unit. If the air conditioner is nearing the end of its lifespan, it might just be cheaper to replace than repair. Usually the date it was manufactured is stamped on it, or can be looked up online using the serial number.

Energy Efficiency

For replacing parts, it is a good idea to know the SEER rating of the air conditioner. Mismatching SEER components won’t provide the proper maximum SEER rating. Diamond Heating and Cooling can help homeowners figure out their SEER rating and find the correct components to minimize this issue.


Keep an eye on the energy bill and how well the air conditioner system seems to be working. If it is running too often, but the home isn’t getting cooler, there could be a problem. Just being aware of how it usually runs and works can help determine if there is a problem.

One way to ensure the well-being of the air conditioner is by scheduling regular HVAC maintenance with Diamond Heating and Cooling. By getting the system regularly serviced, problems can be prevented and the system will run smoother. Also remember to change the filter regularly as that can affect how well it runs and its efficiency.

For those unsure about the above information on their air conditioner talk to Diamond Heating and Cooling. They can assist homeowners in determining the age, SEER rating, and wellbeing of the air conditioner.

Summer Ice Activities

One of the best and fastest ways to cool down on a hot day is with ice. Ice can also be used to keep younger kids entertained during the summer. Check out these sensory games involving ice to keep children cool and occupied:

Ice Block Discovery


  • A bin (something that can fit in the freezer)
  • Toys that can get wet
  • Colored liquid

First, put a layer of the toys in the bottom of the bin and then pour colored water over top, just enough to cover them. Then put it in the freezer until solid. Next, put another layer of toys and colored water before putting it back in the freezer to solidify. Repeat this process until the bin is full.

Children can try getting to the toys with plastic tools, salt, or they can just play with the ice block until it melts and they can discover what is inside. It takes time, so definitely do this the night before.

Ice Painting


  • Non-toxic Paint
  • Ice Cube Tray
  • Toothpicks or popsicle sticks

Fill the ice tray a third with non-toxic paint, and the rest water before putting it in the freezer for two hours. Then put the toothpicks or popsicle stick in each one. Let the paint cubes freeze completely. Once they are frozen give them to the kids with a large piece of paper and let them color. You will want to do this activity outside on the picnic table for easy cleanup.

Get creative and come up with a different ice game to keep everyone cool and entertained.

August Diamond Hugs

Our August Diamond Hug is a canned food drive for the Boise Rescue Mission. Donations of canned goods can be dropped by the office or donated when we are out doing maintenance or service.