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Allergies and asthma are prevalent here in the Treasure Valley. We have found a product that we truly believe in. It is the Micro Power Guard, by Nature's Home. This Air Cleaner can easily be adapted to any furnace that already has a spot for a 1" (or larger) filter.

Micro Power Guard Air Filter The Micro Power Guard Air Cleaner is not just a filter, it's an electronic polarized media air cleaner. This technology filters out sub-micronic allergens, dust and dirt as small as .3 microns. Ninety-eight percent of airborne particles are invisible and below one micron in size. Store-bought filters have no capability for collecting these smaller particles. Includes one year's supply of replacement media.

Check out this testimony about the Micro Power Guard from Laura of Boise, Idaho

"I am thrilled to report that the change has been amazing! There is much less dust in the house when we run our system. Our air circulation creates a marked difference in our quality of life. There are less asthma triggers floating about our home causing a huge decrease in asthma attacks."

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